In the middle of #BlackLivesMatter, I got out of the cellar my investigation into the race riots in Tulsa

Now that the wind has subsided, that Donald Trump has gone to continue his re-election campaign elsewhere, that the hundreds of journalists dispatched to the site have joined their editorial staff and that Tulsa is once again this forgotten city of Oklahoma, it is time to tell what I lived and learned there.To be honest, I hesitated before writing this article, I don't like to bring it back, even less on such a serious subject but the nods to my work there n 'have stopped accumulating in recent weeks.

First of all, the calendar made my eye because I investigated in Tulsa twenty years ago, in July 2000.These last days, I saw and read a lot of things in the French press on the race riot of 1921 when I saw that few people had set foot on the spot.So last week, I was talking with a screenwriter of "Watchmen" the series broadcast on OCS which takes place in Tulsa, she had loved, not me as evidenced by a review posted here last October.Since then I have promised to see it again.Another sign the #BlackLivesMatter movement has taken to the streets around the world and is forcing white people like me to rethink the way they perceive black people and their experience with them I started by taking out from my cellar what I had kept from my work on the spot To my surprise, there was still a lot of things locked in a box of transparent plastic: notes, hundreds of slides I had taken and reproductions of d These only vintage photos, yellow, if we looked at them long enough, brought tears to my eyes.From the outset, the words “White” and “Black” at the top of the sheets where my slides were stored the protagonists of the report made me wince, I too had classified this small world in two camps.Of course, I no longer had the copy of the magazine in which the investigation "Tulsa, a massacre crossed out of the 'story' had been published.Online, I was pleased to discover that the city's faculty kept one in their archives.Just like a friend, the graphic designer at the time, who scanned me.copy while I ordered a last one found at 6 € 50 on Rakuten, late PrimeMinister.Upon reading, the memories began to rise.

Posted Date: 2020-08-23

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